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For over 13 years, we have negotiated with banks to save our clients thousands of dollars off of their debt.  We did this by settling accounts for pennies on the dollar. We wanted to share our knowledge with you so that YOU can start to earn HUNDREDS and THOUSANDS of DOLLARS each and every month. We wanted you to imagine going to your mail box and opening it to find checks for: $3,546…$5,973…$6,938!!!  You go clear off your dinner table and open up your file cabinet to pull out a file.  You look over the file and make a simple call to a creditor.  After talking about 20-30 minutes with the creditor, they are willing to settle the account for pennies on the dollar.  You hang up the phone smiling, because you have just earned another couple thousand dollars.

Its not your fault that the economy is so bad.  You try really hard to get ahead of the "game".  You work all week and when you get your pay check, you are disappointed. Enough is enough!  IT'S TIME THAT YOU START EARNING THE MONEY THAT YOU DESERVE!

Have you bought any of those get-rich-quick "systems"? If you did, then how many times were you disappointed when the program arrived?

You will NOT be disappointed with "Make Money in the Debt Business".  You will quickly start settling debts for your clients and start making the kind of money that you only dreamed about.

"Make Money in the Debt Business"is NOT a get-rich-quick program.  It is a legitimate business that YOU can earn $5,000.00 to $10,000,00 or more a month, each and every month; however, it does require some work on your part.



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What is Debt Settling?Debt Settling is the process in which creditors are willing to accept less than full payment on a delinquent debt.  The most common forms of debt are: credit cards, department store cards, judgments, personal loans, gas cards, medical & hospital bills, and any other unsecured loans.


"The Program was Designed to Start A Home Based Debt Settlement Business but use it TODAY to Settle YOUR Own Debt."

Why would these Creditors take less than Full Payment?You might be wondering on why a creditor would take less than a full payoff to settle an account.  It's SIMPLE!  Many times these creditors have not received any payments, so when you contact them to offer them less than full payment, they will be eager to  jump on an offer.  Remember the old saying, "Something is better than nothing."There is another reason why they will accept a lower payoff.  Many banks do not want you to know this.  It is a BIG SECRET.  Are you ready?  The secret is when an account is delinquent it looks bad for the creditor.  This in turn makes the bank investors (share holders) unhappy that the bank has made a "bad decision" to extend credit to that person that is now delinquent.The bank wants to quickly settle these accounts (even if it means that they will take a loss) and move them off the books.  Every one of those delinquent accounts that are "active" builds up.  If there are enough of these "delinquent accounts" the bank may start losing their investors and in turn will lose more money.

SAME Secret Negotiation Tactics Used by the Big Debt Settlement Lawyers and Companies

Topics Covered in the Wealth Building Set

Some of the topics covered in the program will teach you the different ways to persuade someone.  These techniques are used in this course to increase your chances of a favorable outcome with the creditor.  The best part is these same ninja techniques can be used in your everyday life to gain a slight advantage in what ever your are trying to accomplish.

Below are topics covered in the Making Money in the Debt Business Program:

  • Chapter 1 Debt in America
  • Chapter 2 Setting up the Business
  • Chapter 3 Where Do I Find My Clients
  • Chapter 4 Secret Federal Law that Stops Harassment ($1,000 Fine-each time- for Creditors Calling People)
  • Chapter 5 Clients are Calling
  • Chapter 6 Setting Up Your Business Files
  • Chapter 7 Negotiation Tactics (GREAT Tactics Unveiled)
  • Chapter 8 Special Situations
  • Chapter 9 Other Useful Negotiation Tactics (VERY Valuable Info)
  • Chapter 10 Negotiate with Super Secret Psychological Advantage. (The PRIZED GEM of Negotiations)
  • Chapter 11 Step-By-Step To Your Success
  • Chapter 12 Payment From Your Client
  • Chapter 13 Create an Affiliate Program
  • Chapter 14 Recent Proof



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 You DON'T need a college degree.

You DON'T need a business or financial background.

You DON'T need a lot of money to start. You DON'T have to worry that  "Making Money in the Debt Business" is NOT too difficult to understand. It is VERY easy to read.



"There are Millions of People In DEBT"

There are millions of people that have lots of debt.  Many of them have creditors and collection agencies calling them day after day.  Some of them are considering Bankruptcy, while others have no where to turn.  Some collection agencies use many "dirty" tactics to push the consumer into paying on their debt.  YOUR Debt Settlement Company can help them and STOP these creditors dead in their tracks from calling your Client.

You will be able to step in and make thousands of dollars for each and every client you will help.  Imagine just 5 clients a month will bring YOU over $5,000.00 to $10,000.00+  a month. Think what you could do IF you worked hard and had 10, 20, 30 clients a month.


"Isn't it about time YOU take a piece of the American Dream of being RICH!  You could be making $5,000.00-$10,000.00+ a MONTH."

Take ACTION NOW!  Order today and start making all your dreams come true.  Have the money you have always wanted, a business you can be proud of, and the pride that you were able to help people out of a difficult situation.  Invest in yourself and you will never be disappointed. Believe in yourself and the world is at your fingertips.

Your dreams are just a click away.  Are you going to take that next step?

Here's Exactly What You're Getting Today...


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Is it possible to capture and communicate anything of value about persuasion in a single sentence? It is. And I'm about to prove it. But first, let me tell you why I've gone to this extreme.

Given the pace of today's world, it has never been easier to be powerfully persuasive. Never. It doesn't require good looks, a silver tongue, or infallible logic. It doesn't require confidence, charisma, or a magnetic personality. It is a simple matter when one cuts through all the smoke. It's cutting though the smoke that's the hard part.

We're about to take aim at this confusion, blow away the smoke, and make things as simple as possible. In fact, we'll nail it down to a single sentence. Just 27 words. And with these words, we can work miracles.


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"There will ALWAYS be people with DEBT"

Debt Settlement will ALWAYS be needed.  As long as the banks give out loans and credit cards there will be a need for YOUR Debt Settlement Business.

A look at recent statistics found at www.moneycentral.msn.com shows that the average household has $15,185.00 in credit card debt. 1 in every 7 Americans has 7 or more credit cards.

Think about this, an $8,000.00 debt at an interest rate of 18% will take 25 years to repay (at minimum payments) and will cost more that $24,000.00.

"Debt Settlement is better than the Alternative of Bankruptcy."

DEBT SETTLEMENT is better than the alternative of Bankruptcy.  You can help these people regain their dignity, help them out of a bad situation, and help them avoid filing Bankruptcy.

People are filing more Bankruptcies. According to the recent statistics at www.uscourts.gov there were 1,261,140 people that filed bankruptcy in 2012.

It was noted that when a person files Bankruptcy it automatically drops their credit score to 480 (credit scores ranges from 300-850).

Customers Are Raving About Us!

"It SAVED us $36,136.00 dollars! It was FANTASTIC!!!!"

My wife and I  have been struggling with credit cards bills for several years.  The interest rates were killing us.  We owed approximately $43,500.00 . We tried to work with the banks but they were no help. We were considering every option from bankruptcy to a debt settle company or a debt settlement lawyer.

We started out with a debt settlement company; however, all they did was take our money and left us deeper in debt. We had decided to file bankruptcy when we found your product.  We were very apprehensive at first but decided to pull the trigger and order your program.  That was the BEST decision we have ever made.

The manual was very easy to read and it pointed out how to talk with the banks.  Well long story short we were able to settle our debt for $7,364.00.  It SAVED us $36,136.00 dollars! It was FANTASTIC!!!!

We are using the information we learned to help other family members in debt. 

Thanks so much!!

- Steven K., Detroit Lakes, MN

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Eliminate your Debt TODAY!

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This program was initially created for people looking to start an at home business.  We we very successful and selling it to these individuals.  However, we wanted to open it to everyone so a person can use this knowledge to settle their own debt and not have to hire a debt settlement company.  We encourage people to use this information for themselves and then move on to helping  your family and friends.

Take care,
James Young

Remember this:

"Cease the day for this could be your last day. Make it the best day ever.  If tomorrow comes then cease the day again for the world will be a happier place."